Totem Pop is an open source health tracker, that gives you full control on what data you want to save or share.

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The Tracker

The hardware design of Totem Pop is based on designs of partner company Totem Open Health, that released their initial run of health trackers for developers in October, 2015. The small tracker has built-in motion and temperature sensors and can be easily extended with external analog sensors. This comes in handy in for example measurement of bending, pressure or humidity, sensors that aren’t integrated in most wearables.

Raw data can be saved locally on an SD-card with a frequency up to 1000 times per second, data can also be shared wirelessly to the mobile app using Bluetooth Low Energy.The built-in battery is rechargeable over USB and lasts up to 10 days. Due to it’s modular design, the wearable can be worn on different places on the body.

The Hardware

3-axis Accelerometer
3-axis Gyroscope
Temperature sensor
External Analog Sensors
Bluetooth Low Energy
MicroSD card slot
Small form factor: 41.5mm * 28.5mm * 17mm
Up to 1000 Hz sampling frequency
Access to raw data
USB Rechargeable Battery
I2C and GPIO break-out ports
Battery life up to 10 days

The Application

Open-source hard and software is often hard to use. Not with Totem Pop! A lot of time was spent in designing and developing an accessible product that works straight out of the box. Our mobile application allows you to easily set-up the wearable and build real-time applications without coding.

When you need more freedom you’re free to take our source files and start developing new apps for your applications!

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